Epoch Super Mario Adventure Game DX


  • Indoor tabletop action game manoeuvring the ball through a risky maze which helps build motor skills, and concentration in your kid
  • Suitable for kids of ages five and above
  • Single player game can also be competitively played on the basis of time taken from start to finish
  • Includes an easy-to-assemble game base and 2 balls
  • Player begins by placing the ball at the top of the maze and navigating it through 7 obstacles that include the Piranha Plant, tough wall climb, and more to defeat Magikoopa
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Epoch Super Mario Adventure Game DX

Vanquish the Magikoopa and save the day in the Epoch Super Mario Adventure Game DX.

This tabletop action game involves guiding the ball through a perilous maze filled with hazardous traps, dangerous enemies, and more. One wrong move takes you back to the starting point.

This single player game features seven obstacles that can be conquered by mastering and honing your skills.




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